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LIVEstock Music Festival will begin Friday September 18, 2020 and end Sunday September 20, 2020. Doors open at 4pm Friday and all patrons and vendors should be packed up by 12pm Sunday.

LIVEstock Music Festival invites you to be like NWA and "Express Yourself!" We are in full support of all humans and aliens living in peace and harmony together. We support artistic expression and want to offer a place for all artists to come together!

We are specifically looking for the following: Face Painters, Body Painters, Hula-Hoop Artists, Tye-Dye Artists, Candle Makers, Burlesque Dancers, Yoga & Meditation Instructors, and Sound Healers.

If you do any of the above, and if you do any other type of art we haven’t listed, please apply below!

We will contact Artist vendors directly to discuss festival guidelines.

We love supporting local artists, so if you're interested in showcasing your craft at Livestock then let us know below!


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